On-Line Policies


Order Status Updates Made Within 24-Hours

On each warehouse truck delivery day the store will:
- Check e-mail to see if a Ship-to-Store order is on its way
- Or, check the Ship-to-Store Portal on delivery day to see if an order is on its way
Within 24 hours, the store must log into the Truevalue.com Retailer Portal and indicate that product is "Ready for Pickup";
Within 24 hours, the store must log into the Truevalue.com Retailer Portal and indicate that product has been "Picked-Up by Customer".

Order Pick-Up Process

Store associate must ask for government-issued ID to match the customer with the order
Customer signs the order information page in Truevalue.com binder

Price Matching

The customer will expect price matching between the Truevalue.com price and the store price. Therefore, price matching is required for stores who participate in the Ship-to-Store Program.
If the Item price is higher online than in store:
-If a customer brings this to your attention, the store associate must make the price adjustment in the Ship-to-Store Portal. Truevalue.com will credit the price difference to the credit card that the customer used for the purchase.
If the item price is higher in store than online:
- A customer may use Truevalue.com for information only - not for purchasing. So a customer will expect the store to match the online price. Stores participating in the Ship-to-Store program must ring the in-store transaction on the store POS at the lower price.

Exceptions to the above:

Stores are not required to price match items that appear in the outlet section of Truevalue.com
Stores are not required to price match the competition or other independent True Value retailer prices
Alaska and Hawaii stores are not required to price match items that appear on Truevalue.com (since these stores have higher prices due to additional freight costs.)

Customer Data & Security

Since the Ship-to-Store Portal holds consumer data, PCI compliance for the Portal is required. Therefore participating stores must assign individual user names and passwords for each store associate who accesses the system. The Ship-to-Store Portal requires that passwords are changed every 90 days.
Participating stores are also required to shred printed Ship-to-Store order confirmations, returns, etc. after 90 days.

Customer data cannot be used for any purpose other than for Ship-to-Store pick-ups and returns related to the Program. Stores cannot market directly to these customers unless the customer has given the store permission to do so.


Customers are advised that:
Ship-to-Store items should be returned to the store from which the order was picked up
Ship-to-Home items should be sent to the TrueValue.com warehouse (Harvard). These orders include a return shipping label to make it easy for the customer to send the product to the Harvard warehouse.

The return policy states that returns should take place within 30 days of purchase for new/unused product in the original packaging.

In order to give you flexibility, participating stores can accept returns (including Ship-to-Home items) for any reason and for any length of time.